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[HOT] Download Dt18 Win Cpk

Changelog:New Mod Gameplay completely in CPK, now it is no longer necessary to replace any files,but simply copy 4 CPK files to the download folder and regenerate with the DpFileList,obviously you must have both the exe and the original KONAMI dt18_all.This new playability was born from the transposition of the addresses of eFootbal 2022at PES 2021, playability is totally new, starting with the dynamics at the very pace more staid where a greater construction of the maneuver is preferred, giving life to a gameplay less immediate and more simulation.

Download dt18 win cpk


Changelog:New GAMEPLAY MOD based on DEMO PES 2020, it was not an easy job, but I tried to reproduce as much as possible aspects of the game for which so many liked it.I ABSOLUTELY recommend to insert this dt18 because inside it I have implemented the file:

New MOD GAMEPLAY where I entered some FIFA 13 addresses inside the exeof PES 2021, while in the dt18 I have again inserted fouls and penalties.Mindful of the excellent AI of the CPU in FIFA 13, I wanted to implement some addressesrelative to the gameplay, the result is absolute freedom in the field where there is nothingprecluded in the choices and in the type of maneuver, the greater awareness of our playersit allows us both to close without any impediment, but also to offendknowing that the values in the field are respected without forcing whatsoever.But it is the total absence of scripts that will make the difference, it seems to you to play all games likewhether they will be in friendly mode, where skills and episodes will determine any outcome. 041b061a72


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