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E-Mu Emulator X3 Crack.139

i downloaded the disk copy software to copy images to mac floppies. it works with mac floppy emulator - the only problem i have is that they the order it is stacked - ie.dsk file,.flp file, then an.img file. but the macfloppyemu cant open an.img file

E-Mu Emulator X3 crack.139

i use disk copy on my mac plus. i made one large disk image of my harddrive with my software for my pc ( mac could not read my software ). i used disk copy to turn that into an.img file. i then used my macfloppyemu software to turn that into.flp and.dsk files. i used the disk copy software to copy these to floppy disks. it works great for me. i have made several floppies of different files and am happy.

i have a friend who has a macbook pro, and has no floppy drive. for her, i have made several floppy images of her hard drive. i then copy those images to floppy disks (using disk copy). once i have a bunch of floppies, i copy them to my friend's mac using the macfloppyemu.

disk copy can't make mac floppies for your mac. macfloppyemu does. i've used disk copy for many years - it works perfectly for me. this is an old program - it might not work on the mac version of disk copy. however if you don't care about the standard apple kit floppies, it works great.

most emulation software will wait for cd0-cd7 to be loaded before opening. this typically happens automatically. the host computer will detect when floppy drive d is being loaded into the slot, and wait for cd0-cd7 to be ready. if you load the floppy while more than two discs are spinning, the emulator will not work correctly, and take up to several minutes to open. this is due to the emulation software needing to determine if the discs are still spinning, and how many discs are spinning. loading the floppy while more than two discs are spinning will cause the emulation software to think that the floppy is out of order, and will not open. this can happen when loading the floppy in between playing a game. diskcopy images do not need to use dma to write to floppy drives, they simply move the seek head to where they want it to stop. once dma is disabled with diskcopy, the pc, or emulator software can use the standard api to move the data to the drive, just as with any other drive. the emulator software is probably just being cautious, and not trying to disable dma with each game. a second floppy disc that is being held by some other software is extremely unlikely to cause any problems. none that i have seen as of yet. the first floppy disc that is loaded will likely have it's dma turned on, as any normal software would and the emulator software would be only trying to read the data on that disc, not write to it yet.


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