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Shinko Forklift Manual

And we had to terminate the mutual relationship in March 2002.(Because Japan.SHINKO sold to NACCO, Yale and Sumitomo.). In 1975, we also started work with Nacco Yale ( the manufacturer of Diesel/Gas/LPG forklifts) through the technical joint-venture by manufacturing and supplying the engined forklifts at our factory in Taiwan.

Shinko forklift manual


The said OEM contracts would not allow our exports to any other country. Since March 2002 when SHINKO forklift was purchased jointly by Nacco and Sumitomo Yale, Sumitomo Yale continues to supply the markets with their own forklifts but labeling with SHINKO logo. And a part of the senior engineers of the former Shinko started to transfer to Japan Sinkobe Co., Ltd. Which was established in Tokyo since 1982 and started to continue the production of Shinko products. Since the recent 15 years, almost all the top manufacturers of forklifts in the world started to go down to China for the production at a lower cost level.

And the same thing happened to Japanese manufacturers e.g., Toyota, Komatsu, TCM, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Nychiyu, etc. Who set up their factories in China for the production of parts which are been shipped back to the original factories in Japan for the assembly/completion of forklifts in Japan in order to secure a lower cost.

Naturally we -Sinkobe lost the competivity too. And we started to transfer our production from Japan to Taiwan in June 2004. Also we shifted our Asia Sales Head Quarter over to Taipei, Taiwan, whilst the R&D and Materials Procuring divisions still remained in Japan office. Our factory is Taiwan has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing the forklifts. At the moment we are still producing the Sinkobe Series Forklifts which will be deemed as the original products by Japan Sinkobe co., Ltd.

Our company fully integrates market resources, takes technical sales as the leading, and focuses on the production of spare part forklift, JAC cpcd35 forklift, nissan forklift engine parts. We always insist on honesty, take the road of specialization, innovate continuously, and reach win-win situation with our customers and suppliers. We have been wanting forwards to creating long-term company interactions with around the world shoppers.

Forklift transmission valve is used for forklift hydraulic transmission case to shift for forward and backward and neutral shifting position. Forklift transmission valve is mounted on torque converter housing, which is control by manual lever or solenoid valve.

This forklift transmission valve Includes inching valve, switch valve, cushion valve, solenoid directional valve and solenoid shift valve. The forklift control valve have superior alloy steel stem with high strength anti-abrasion cast iron body for long service life. The forklift transmission valve apply special durable transmission seal gasket, heat resistance to 400 Celsius degree, anti-oxidant, impact resistance.

Grays do not carry manual consignment notes nor complete them for third party carriers. Grays staff will not release the goods to anyone other than you unless they carry the appropriate authority. By appointing third party pick up you have given them the authority to sign off on the condition of the goods being picked up.


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