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Summer Coloring Pages: Make Your Own Summer Memories with Art

Summer Coloring Pages: A Fun and Educational Activity for Kids

Summer is here and that means your kids are out of school and looking for some fun ways to spend their time. While there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, sometimes you need something to keep them busy indoors, especially on rainy or hot days. That's where summer coloring pages come in handy!

What are summer coloring pages?

Definition and examples of summer coloring pages

Summer coloring pages are printable sheets of paper that feature images related to the season, such as beaches, ice creams, flowers, animals, and more. They are designed for kids of all ages to color with crayons, markers, pencils, or paints. Coloring pages can be simple or complex, depending on the level of difficulty and detail.

summer coloring pages

Some examples of summer coloring pages are:

  • : This website offers a variety of free summer coloring pages, from simple scenes to advanced patterns.

  • : This website provides a huge range of free printable summer coloring pages for kids and adults, featuring kids swimming, picnics, fireworks, and more.

  • : This website showcases 45 printable summer coloring pages that are fun for both kids and adults, including fantasy creatures, mandalas, and abstract designs.

Benefits of coloring for kids

Coloring is not only a fun activity for kids, but also a beneficial one. Coloring can help kids develop various skills and improve their mental health. Some of the benefits of coloring for kids are:

  • Improves motor skills: Coloring helps kids practice their hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and precision. It also prepares them for writing and drawing.

  • Promotes mindfulness: Coloring can help kids focus on the present moment and calm their minds. It can also reduce stress, anxiety, and boredom.

  • Enhances creativity: Coloring allows kids to express themselves and use their imagination. It can also foster their artistic sense and appreciation for colors and shapes.

  • Increases knowledge: Coloring can help kids learn about different topics, such as nature, animals, culture, and history. It can also stimulate their curiosity and interest in learning.

How to print summer coloring pages?

Choosing the best printer and paper

If you want to print your own summer coloring pages, you need to have a good printer and paper. Here are some tips to choose the best printer and paper for printing coloring pages:

  • Laser printers are better than inkjet printers for printing coloring pages, because they produce sharper lines, don't smear ink, and are more affordable in the long run.

  • The best paper for printing coloring pages depends on the type of coloring tools you use. For crayons and pencils, regular printer paper is fine. For markers and paints, you need thicker paper that can absorb the ink without bleeding or wrinkling.

  • You can also use special paper designed for coloring, such as cardstock, watercolor paper, or sketch paper. These papers have different textures and weights that can enhance your coloring experience.

Finding free printable summer coloring pages online

If you don't want to buy a coloring book or download a paid app, you can find plenty of free printable summer coloring pages online. Here are some steps to find and print free summer coloring pages online:

  • Search for "summer coloring pages" on your favorite search engine or browse through the websites mentioned above Select the summer coloring pages that you like and click on them to open them in a new tab or window

  • Check the size and resolution of the coloring pages and adjust them if needed. You can use the print preview option to see how they will look on paper

  • Print the coloring pages using your printer settings. You can choose to print in black and white or color, depending on your preference

  • Cut out the coloring pages and enjoy coloring them with your kids

How to enjoy summer coloring pages with your kids?

Tips for making coloring fun and engaging

Coloring can be a great way to bond with your kids and have some fun together. Here are some tips to make coloring more fun and engaging for your kids:

  • Let your kids choose the coloring pages and the coloring tools they want to use. Don't limit their choices or force them to follow certain rules. Let them be creative and experiment with different colors and techniques.

  • Join your kids in coloring and show them your own work. You can also color the same page as them and compare your results. Praise their efforts and encourage them to keep coloring.

  • Make coloring a social activity by inviting their friends or siblings to join. You can also organize a coloring contest or a coloring party and reward the best or most colorful works.

  • Add some music, snacks, or drinks to make coloring more enjoyable. You can also create a cozy and comfortable space for coloring, such as a tent, a fort, or a picnic blanket.

Ideas for summer activities related to coloring

Coloring can also be a springboard for other summer activities that can enrich your kids' learning and fun. Here are some ideas for summer activities related to coloring:

  • Create a summer scrapbook or collage with the colored pages. You can also add photos, stickers, or other decorations to make it more personal and memorable.

  • Use the colored pages as decorations for your home, classroom, or backyard. You can hang them on the walls, windows, doors, or trees. You can also make garlands, banners, or lanterns with them.

  • Make crafts with the colored pages, such as bookmarks, cards, origami, masks, or puppets. You can also cut out the shapes and use them for other projects, such as magnets, stickers, or jewelry.

  • Play games with the colored pages, such as memory, bingo, or tic-tac-toe. You can also use them as clues for a scavenger hunt or a treasure map.


Summer coloring pages are a fun and educational activity for kids that can keep them busy and happy during the summer season. They can help them improve their motor skills, mindfulness, creativity, and knowledge. They can also be a source of entertainment and inspiration for other summer activities. All you need is a printer, some paper, some coloring tools, and some free printable summer coloring pages online. So what are you waiting for? Grab your kids and start coloring!

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What are some of the best websites for free printable summer coloring pages?

Some of the best websites for free printable summer coloring


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