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Iclone Hair Packl

The embedded Smart Hair system is designed to provide the most realistic, yet performance-friendly hair, brows, and beard for digital humans in games and films. The card-based hair meshes are intricate in detail, economical in texture resolution, and efficient for real-time rendering. The highly flexible color gradients and specular variations are powered by the Smart Hair shader. Design components allow you to freely assemble different custom hair and beard elements into unique hairstyles, while the beard and brows can dynamically conform to any facial movement.

Iclone Hair Packl

Creating a multitude of natural hair looks is possible with four powerful controls: Ombré (root and end color), Balayage (highlight color), Base Layer (vertex color), and Reflection (flow map). With these potent effects you can easily create chic or stylized hair dye, create silky smooth hair reflections, simulate silver gray, or parched look and feel. Blend with vertex color (predefined in hair meshes) for enhanced depth effect. For natural layer contrast, you can use lighter vertex color on upper layer meshes, and darker vertex color for layers underneath. Create subtle gradual hair color fades using Root and End colors, usually from darker tones at the roots to a lighter tone towards the hair tips for a classic ombré style. The strand color pattern is defined by the grey-scale Root map, and supports different blend modes and strength controls. The Highlight Color effect is the highlighting done with hair dyes that we see in reality; Two highlight colors can be blended to create more natural looks, with the ID texture map controlling the effect. The natural reflections gives hair a healthy lifelike look and feel . One can adjust the Specular strength, alter the Reflection Flow, or disrupt the reflective pattern to emphasize unique hairstyles.

The Smart Hair system is designed for performance: the card based meshes are small in size, fast to load, and efficient for real-time animation. One complete hair set is merely hundreds or thousands of polygons, while using optimal texture sizes : hair at 2K and beard at 1K. By utilizing minimal resources you can achieve high visual realism with sophisticated coloring, and adjustable reflections using the real-time shader.

The Smart Hair Beard and Brows can perfectly conform to animated facial surfaces during real-time performance. It works in real-time for facial morphs, lip-sync animations, facial motion capture, and intensive expression change with the Face Puppet tool. One can also fine-tune the shape and position of the facial hairs with the Mesh Editor. To top it all off, facial hairs are exportable, at any stage, as FBX blend-shapes for game engines and 3D rendering.

Character Creator (CC) 1.5 advances with new FBX support for importing and creating custom hair, cloth, shoes, gloves, accessories and morph sliders. Export FBX characters from CC with full body and clothing design as a template for custom clothing and character design. 3D clothing design tools are now compatible with the FBX in CC 1.5 including support for Marvelous Designer or clothing from any 3D library.

New Smart Hair Shader controls the colour of the scalp, hair strands and highlightsAs well as mixing and matching hair elements, users can customise hairstyles by recolouring the hair.

Limited support for hair physics in the paid assets, and no new native hair-creation tools?Shorter beards and eyebrows should naturally follow the surface of face during facial animation, while the movement of longer beards and moustaches can be modified via a skin weighting system.

However, users can import card-based hair meshes created in other software in OBJ or FBX format, although the shader requires quite a specific set of texture maps, which may require some manual conversion.

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