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Contra Anniversary Collection Update V1 1 0-PLAZA REPACK

Konami's range of anniversary collections being released on digital distribution services continues to expand after the applauded Arcade and Castlevania collection released previously, this time covering the Contra series. The popular publisher's back catalogue of classics from that era is certainly rich, and the Contra series, while maybe not quite as expansive as Castlevania, was certainly just as prevalent in those days of the late '80s to mid '90s. It would have been indeed common to hear talks about two-player simultaneous gameplay on consoles back then, and that is often brought up to this day with the likes of Contra, or even the Ghosts 'n Goblins series, as some of the toughest games to beat ever created. It is with delight then that we dive into this latest collection, hoping to find much to be loved.

Contra Anniversary Collection Update V1 1 0-PLAZA


Naturally in a collection of this nature, one of the main concerns is how everything runs and looks, compared to their original counterparts. Thankfully, the developer behind Konami's other recent anniversary collections, M2, has not only an excellent track record of producing extremely accurate emulations of these older platforms, but delivers display options out of the box that respect the original art better than any other developer out there. It is a pleasure to report that every single instalment included runs flawlessly, and not only looks, but sounds as accurate as one would expect from the developer, especially considering the games included come from a variety of very different types of hardware.

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