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How To Take, Share, Delete And Manage Screenshots On Xbox One

While that's great, one issue we were having was finding a delete button for all this data we've acquired. While we love taking video and screenshots, all of this data can add up in your storage. The PS4 console comes with 500 gb; however, after hardware and the operating system is taken in for account, you're down to 409 gb on the hardrive.

How to take, share, delete and manage Screenshots on Xbox One

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Though we found the delete button, this was a slightly laborious feature to find in the PS4's system storage management. If you're not familiar with the PlayStation interface or are new to the gaming world, this will probably won't be somewhere you think to look.

When we're used to the instantaneous ability to view, send, and delete photos and video on other electronics (cameras, tablets, phones, etc.) it's a bit of a hassle that we have to head all the way over to storage management in order to delete and manage your files. It seems like it would be easy enough to include a delete option from the sharing screens.

Update: An alternate way to delete video and screenshots is by viewing your profile. Underneath your Avatar are three selections to edit your profile, head to privacy settings, or view "captures."

However, when the console is docked, screenshots have a higher resolution and take up more space. Even when undocked, if you stack up too many screenshots, you will soon start running out of storage space. Here is how to delete all screenshots on your Nintendo Switch.

Whether you want to sell your Nintendo Switch or free up space, you may want to delete all screenshots from your device. Luckily, you d not have to select all screenshots one by one. You can delete them all in one fell swoop. Here is how to do it.

Follow the same instructions as you would for deleting all videos from system memory. Once in the System Memory window, select Copy All Screenshots and Videos to microSD Card. That will copy all screenshots and videos to your SD card and prepare them for transfer to your computer. Now, you can delete all screenshots and videos on the device.

If you only wish to move some screenshots and videos to your computer, you can do so using your SD card. You can move the entire block of content at once and delete the non-essential screenshots and videos later.

You may not want to delete any screenshots. Perhaps you are looking to copy a couple of videos. If your Album is full of various screenshots and videos, you might have a hard time scrolling through the list.

Have you deleted all screenshots and videos on your Nintendo Switch? Which method did you use? Do you have any other useful tips regarding the subject? Feel free to join in on the discussion in the comments below and give us your two cents.

If you don't like pressing F10 to capture screenshots, you can change it to another keyboard key (or gamepad button) in Settings > Hotkey Settings > Save Screenshot. If you mess up and want to delete a set shortcut, right-click on it.

While this does not delete your games and apps, it does remove your Xbox Network account from the console and delete your locally-stored save game files, screenshots, and videos. If you are normally connected to the internet when you play games, your saved game data will be available to download from the cloud after resetting.

You can delete other data besides games and apps by going into the other categories on the Console Storage screen. Choose Media Gallery to see all your screenshots, for example. From there, use the Select Multiple tick button on the left to select several images and videos at once, then pick Delete. To scrap a single file, simply select it to open it, then choose the Delete trash can icon.

Welcome to the Select Empire screen. From here a player can select, delete, manage, or change the spawn setting of their empire(s). A player may also choose Back which if chosen will return the player to the New Game menu.


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