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Silent Hill 3 Pc Mods

I wanted to know if there was a consensus on what visual mods are allowed for PC Versions of SH2,3,4. Specifically if forcing windowed mode is fine and if using the HD mods to change the screen aspect ratio / visual quality, etc. are allowed.

silent hill 3 pc mods

As for modern features, GOG offers cloud save support for Silent Hill 4 along with English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish subtitles. Xinput gamepads are partially supported, though I believe fan patches can rectify any issues you'll face. This was the same thing with the recently re-released Metal Gear ports, which have a plethora of fan mods that improve the experience.

With Silent Hill 4 now available, we can only hope that GOG and Konami can continue their recent friendship. Silent Hill 3's PC port was the definitive version of the game and Silent Hill 2's has a ton of fan HD mods. Since both are horror classics, they absolutely deserve a chance to shine on modern platforms.

Silent Hill 2 is one of the best horror games (opens in new tab) you can play on your PC. It's also 16 years old. That means it's a little tricky to get it running, and when you do, it looks, well, like a 16-year-old videogame. That's where Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition comes in: It's a collection of mods and enhancements that fixes bugs and improves the graphics and sound, resulting in the "definitive Silent Hill 2 experience." 350c69d7ab


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